Buddhist Audio Books


These books have been recorded by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. The books are published by Windhorse Publications, and can be bought from their website.

The audio books are available for free download and distribution, provided they are not sold in any way. Copyright remains with Windhorse Publications and the authors.

The audio books are offered as a free resouce for the visually impaired, in the hope they will find them useful and inspiring.

May all beings be happy!


The Rainbow road Wisdom Beyond Words Tales of Freedom The three jewels The Inconceivable Emancipation Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment Dhammapada The Yogi's Joy Who is the Buddha? What is the Dharma? Living with Awareness Precious Teachers Living Ethically In the Sign of the Golden Wheel Living with Kindness The Religion of Art Bodhisattva Ideal Facing Mount Kanchenjunga Buddha Mind Moving Against the Stream A Survey of Buddhism Teachers of Enlightenment Beating the Drum Mitra Study Year one Early Writings 1944 – 1954 From Genesis to the Diamond Sutra

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